Beev. Finally, on my last year of studying Interior Design. :)

I live my life as EASY as you can't ever imagine simply because I have GOD who manage my life. :)

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Bouquet of lollipops. #diy #gift

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7 cats.

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First evening jog. <3
Everything’s on motion so as God’s blessings on us. :)))

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I was so amazed when I met Him and I am so loved when I felt Him.
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Sembreak means

It’s the time to go back where you started.
It’s between you and God.
It’s having time with yourself.
It’s to enlighten yourself.
It’s time to make realizations of what you did last sem.
It’s making reflection within yourself.

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Spiritually fed. <3

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Mah wall rayt naw. #walldecor

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#vintage #painting #colors #stripes #casettetapes

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#painting #art #cherryblossom

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#painting #typography #art

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